Complete Research and Acquisition Service

With this service we act exclusively on your behalf with total cooperation and support.

All the legwork and research is performed by IAM Property and you are only required to view the nominated properties. You have the final say of acceptance or rejection of any properties submitted by IAM Property.

This service is very proactive and designed to achieve the desired result in a relatively short time.

The service is ideal for clients wishing to gain access to the whole market including “off market listings” and to avoid the time and stress involved in property research and inspections.

The Process

Unless you are an interstate or overseas client, we will always meet in person to determine your specifications to the finest detail.

You will need to advise us of all your requirements:

Price, location, accommodation size, proximity to schools or public transport, swimming pool, wine cellar, veggie patch or chicken pen, particular views of Port Phillip or Western Port Bay, flexibility of subdivision or even a spot for the helicopter pad – the lists are endless.

Once we have determined that that certain property is the one, we will then establish an estimated value of the property, the selling climate of the area and the situation and expectations of the vendor.

We always negotiate on our terms, and never allow the emotion of the occasion get in the way of what we are trying to achieve - and that is to simply:

"Secure the best property at the lowest possible price".

The use of skilled negotiator acting on your behalf is where IAM Property will help you secure the property and save you thousands of dollars.