Analysis & Negotiation Service for Private Sale or Winning Auction Bidding Strategies

You have “found it” and want accurate advice and action now.

This includes an inspection of the property to assess estimated value, build a rapport with and communicate with the agent, who the auctioneer may be, and all other important factors that may impact on the outcome of the Auction or Private Sale.

IAM Property will then report to you and devise a strategy that will suit those particular circumstances. If the property is going to auction we will attend on your behalf, with particular bidding tactics in mind, as well as post auction negotiation strategies if needed or we formulate negotiating strategies to buy now.

This service is ideal for clients who are uncomfortable with the private sale negotiation or auction bidding processes, who want to retain anonymity or have an in ability to attend the auction.


The Process

You have completed the legwork and found the property you wish to purchase and wish to secure the property at the lowest possible price.

We will inspect the property, speak to the agent, research the market in that particular area and then implement the most suitable negotiation strategy.

We provide information that enables you to compare recently sold properties quickly and accurately, lessen the emotional influence in the decision making process and make buying a lot safer. We advise what we think the property is worth before we start negotiating with the agents.

Keep in mind, we only get paid by you if we are successful at purchasing the property, so using the appropriate bidding and negotiation technique is imperative to an all-round successful result.

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